About Us

Kick It for Kylee was started in April of 2011 when my friend Jolene told me that her daughter Kylee, who was 2, had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Kylee and my daughter Lily are friends, and see each other regularly.  You could say Kylee was one of 3 real friends Lily had at the time.  (What 2-year-old has more friends than that?)

At first, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do or say.  For several weeks I thought day in and day out about the fact Kylee was a normal healthy child one day and the next she was looking at a very scary and uncertain future.  Each day I thought of how easily it could have been Lily instead of Kylee with that diagnosis and my heart stopped.  I had to do something to help.  Prayers are great, but it wasn’t enough…. I wanted to get busy doing something more for Kylee and her family.

I wanted to organize a fundraiser to help Kylee’s family and didn’t know where to start.  Another dear friend had suggested a soccer camp due to our family’s involvement in soccer and so I began this endeavour.  With help from some very good friends, and a lot of volunteer coaches the first Kick It for Kylee Soccer Camp was held at Graham Park in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania on July 24th 2011.

With over 120 registered participants, 45 volunteers, and over 20 local Sponsors we raised over $6,000.  We had a great day of soccer, fun activities, and more importantly we all came together to help a very deserving family.

Sometimes you can’t change the hand you were dealt – or that of your friends.  However you can always find a way to help and encourage those who need it most.  It is our goal that every year Kick It for Kylee can help a family in our community who needs a little encouragement, needs a little prayer, and perhaps a little financial support for dealing with the hand they have been dealt.

To the Sponsors and friends who helped with the first year, as well as those who will partner with us in 2012 and future years, Thank You! Without you we couldn’t make a difference to the families we help!

Christina Stout, Founder and Director

Kylee and Lily in June 2011.